#JustStart- A secret of Getting ahead

The project I have been recently working on is related to a digital marketing startup to promote e-stores and services worldwide on the Facebook platform.

Digital marketing services are now an integral part of any business and have their importance crystal clear in the present era of pandemic crises.

Assessing the way forward;

In order to achieve the aim, I planned to proceed with what is did in past and planed out the strategy which could be summarised in 3 of these initial steps;

  1. Restructure Social Media Page and Understanding Facebook marketing insights.

2. Revising the FB marketing guide and lectures.

3. Running the marketing campaign to target potential clients

Challenges and obstacles past and present;

The basic challenge that is that I faced while working on the idea in past was the limited reach of the posts and advertisements which I analyzed was probably due to a poor marketing strategy not complying with social media marketing policy.

Starting with step one I went through the Facebook marketing manual and guideline and will be implementing the learning in the coming days. And made me realized the mistake that I was doing previously.

The next stage will be revisiting the marketing material to run future planned campaigns.



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